"The only thing we cannot influence is the weather, we'll take care of everything else"

- Crew “Alice in Waterland”


Sailing safe is fundamental for us.
We constantly check the synoptic maps and weather forecasts. We plan in advance our trips and your holidays. The channels we use are many, from the Navigators Bulletin to the forecasts of the Air Force, as well as several Apps that are widely used by captains, such as Windy and Windfinder.

The many years of sailing have led us to be cautious and we have learned to wait for the right moment to move from a bay or set sail for a new destination.
A few hours of waiting can avoid rough seas, any discomfort and inconvenience.

Our every decision is weighted and calculated to create wonderful holidays in complete relaxation and above all, preventing unnecessary risks!

Over the years at sea we have often had discussions about the weather with guests and owners and unfortunately not all decisions made have been optimal. It is necessary to trust the captain and his crew, and we guarantee that all our choices are made with knowledge of the facts and always with a view to making you relax and fully enjoy your experience on our sailing boat.

The Plugin at the bottom is from Windy, one of the apps we use for the weather, very good for understanding incoming disturbances and the general trend present on the Mediterranean.

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