"A family ship will never sink until it is abandoned by its crew."

- Wes Fesler


Alice Rožnik

Date of birth: 25 January 2018
Place of birth: Ravenna
Nationality: Italian - Slovenian
Education: Kindergarten
Work and experiences: Since I was born I have never stood still. My parents have already toured half of Europe, they took me to Asia and I have sailed more than 2000 miles. I played with many children and I enjoyed it a lot. I listen when I want to and I'm a little naughty, but also very good girl. Read more ...

Federica Minghelli

First Officer
Date of birth: 25 July 1979
Place of birth: Ravenna
Nationality: Italian
Education: Marine biologist
Work and experiences: My first work experience was picking peaches in the Romagna countryside, I was 16.
Next summer I worked in the restaurant on the beach on the Riviera as a bartender and as a waitress in Bologna during the university period.
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Damjan Rožnik

Date of birth: 27 February 1986
Place of birth: Koper
Nationality: Slovenian
Education: Seaman
Work and experiences: Federica calls me "the Alien" and often jokes about my age. She says I should have at least a hundred years with all the jobs I've done and skills I have.
My curiosity, talent and will for manual work allowed me to approach many professions.
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