"A family ship will never sink until it is abandoned by its crew."

- Wes Fesler


A sailing holiday is synonymous with freedom and consequently you travel light.

Few and essential items will be enough for the week.

We recommend taking:

  • a light jacket
  • a couple of swimwear
  • a beach towel for when you go to the beach.
  • flip flops
  • sneakers
  • items of personal hygiene
  • a good book

We recommend that you put your things in soft bags or backpacks that do not take up space when empty and are easy to stow!

It is preferable to use soft bags or backpack to come aboard. Once emptied they do not take up space and are easy to stow.

Of course, but creams are preferable, we do not recommend oils in order to avoid oiling the deck and risk slipping.

On board we offer all our customers Officina Naturae products, biodegradable and cruelty free. Hypoallergenic products have been chosen suitable for everyone, including the little ones, with delicate fragrances. You can still bring your personal hygiene products, whatever you prefer in order to travel light!

In the boat we don't have 220V current, only 12V. If you want to bring it you can use it only when we are in port. We have one on board that you can use, but we advise you to let the hair dry in the air and fully savor the seafaring life! ⛵️

There is 12V on board and there are USB sockets in various parts of the boat and in each cabin where you can charge your electronic devices.

12V is always present on board and in various points of the boat and in each cabin there are USB sockets. Only when we are in the port will we have 220V current, like the one at home.

On board you are generally barefoot, but if you prefer to wear footwear they must be non-slip and have a white sole, they will only be used on the boat.

For outside trips, a pair of flip-flops and even a pair of sneakers will be fine, great for hiking and biking!

No, on board you will find all the linen you need for your stay consisting of: sheets, towels and ondeck towels, to be used only on the boat.

We recommend that you bring a beach towel for your shore excursions. On board we will provide you with indoor and ondeck towels, but to be used only on the boat.

Basically not. We prefer to sail during the day, but in case of particular weather conditions it is possible.

No, the planned nights in the marina are 3. The evening of embarkation and disembarkation and one evening between the week, which may vary according to the package purchased. In the event of adverse weather the program may vary.

We prefer to sleep at anchor or buoys, in fact there are 4 evenings in the bays, while 3 nights we will be in the Marina. The nights may vary according to the package purchased. In the event of adverse weather the program may vary.

It would be nice, but unfortunately almost impossible. In our trip we will try in every way to sail, but it is not always possible.

We prefer to sail and hear only the sound of the waves lapping on the hull. Unfortunately it is not always possible and in that case we will go by motor.

No, per motivi di stivaggio e organizzazione interna degli spazi non è possibile. Siete ovviamente liberi di acquistare prodotti da portare a casa e riporli nelle vostre cabine. A bordo troverete un menù a voi dedicato da cui potrete liberamente ordinare alcolici e bevande. A fine soggiorno potrete pagare il consumato.

We will try in every way to stay faithful to the program of the week, but unfortunately we don't control the weather! And the Captain is always right!

Sometimes unpopular decisions will have to be made, but important for the safety of the crew and guests and above all fundamental to be able to spend a peaceful holiday!

No, for reasons of stowage and internal organization of the spaces it is not possible. You are obviously free to buy products to take home and store them in your cabins. On board you will find a menu dedicated to you from which you can freely order alcohol drinks and beverages. At the end of your stay you pay for the consumed.

Yes, in a selected menu for your aperitifs and magical moments on board. You can order at your will and pay at the end of your stay.

When booking we ask you to contact us and let us know your allergy or intolerance. We will see together how to organize your meals!

We prefer seasonal vegetables in the preparation of our meals. So vegetables and fruit will always be available. Considering the hot season we will offer fresh dishes and often with vegetable proteins, but also meat and fish will be present in the weekly menu.

When booking, we ask you to inform us of your preference for vegetarian meals and for how many people.

There are dishes that are considered vegan in our weekly plan, but we don't have a menu in line with veganism.

We will take care of your meals, organizing the galley and groceries.

People who want to try their hand at cooking or simply lend a hand are always welcome. Life on board is also sharing moments of collaboration and exchange. So we welcome those who want to participate in the preparation of lunches or dinners!

Upon your arrival the boat will be ready to welcome you and will be clean in every part. Once you have taken possession of your cabin it will be up to you to keep it clean. The crew will carry out regular cleaning services in the common areas and will take care of waste management. Upon arrival in the port the deck and the hull will also be rinsed with fresh water.

Each cabin has a bed, a small wardrobe, shelves and nets for storing objects. It has reading lights and small fans to cool the sleeping area. Each cabin has a private bathroom.

We will provide the linen necessary for your stay, including sheets and towels and it will be your responsibility to return them to us at the end of the stay.

In the event of adverse weather or special needs, the program may undergo changes. Changes to the program and variations will be decided exclusively by the Captain. Any modification will always be taken with a view to safety and always remaining as faithful as possible to the purchased program.

Yes, there is a small pharmacy with everything you need to deal with minor ailments or small injuries.

Of course, it is the most precious asset on board!

All our tanks are suitable for containing drinking water, and we have also installed two purifiers that give the possibility to draw even more microfiltered water directly from the tap in the dinette. You will have a free personalized bottle that you can fill and always keep with you!

Certainly not one who cooked J. We offer you a Carefree service, but if you want to lend a hand and try to be part of the crew you are welcome!

Yes, on board there are some inflatables and toys to be used in the water. When booking, tell us what you would like to bring on board and we will see together if it will be possible to stow it on board.

Yes, there are some games including cards and several board games. Guests can use them at will, as long as they are used and stored with care.

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